Beauty Clinic N.M.F Aquaring Effect Serum

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Beauty Clinic N.M.F Aquaring Effect Serum

Moisturizing ingredients containing NMF, with deep water, adjust and repair the pores of the skin effect.

The use of natural moisturizing factor "NMF" active water system provides water to the skin deep,

Forming a protective film of water lasting moisturizing; patented ingredient having skin conditioning and pore repair effect,

The skin surface moisturizing membrane, activation and promote cell regeneration, significantly improve skin dull dull,

Keep skin fresh all day moisture. Leaves your skin clean and healthy balance.

Dry skin problems never so simple, almost every skin problems are related to water recharge and retention related. Water is the first element of beautiful skin, whitening, sunscreen, oil control, etc. is done on the basis of moisture replenishment. Any season, age, skin, skin problems, can achieve perfect comfort in the water and moisture in. Sensitive skin is the most indispensable enough water. Oil-free and highly moisturizing formulations (such as powerful moisturizing factor NMF) is a better choice.

How to use:

After cleansing, apply toner, lotion can be applied after the essence

Every time it takes is a little moist, and smear the process, more massage, to help it absorb,

Because the hand temperature, so back and forth massage, will better promote its absorption effect before going to sleep is the best,

The next day wake up the skin supple and hydrated.

Made in Korea

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